I may only have one stated resolution for 2016, but I have many goals.

Most of them are tech-related.

I’m feeling exceptionally motivated as 2015 enters its final hours. I’ve done my workout, after not really wanting to at all. And I’ve sat through and properly absorbed two excellent responsive web design tutorials on YouTube.

Yesterday was an interesting day. Serendipity struck. I was scrolling through my Twitter feed when I noticed a #CodeNewbies hashtag popping up frequently. There was a Twitter chat going on, all about getting started in programming.

I glanced over a few of the tweets with mild interest. Then one caught my eye.


Intrigued, I tweeted a reply, mentioning that I was based in Istanbul, and asking ‘would I be a good fit?’ The response was immediate and enthusiastic.


And with that, I’d just scored myself an interview slot on the CodeNewbie podcast, which my friend Portia tells me is quite famous in the getting-started-in-tech world.

The podcast will be out in mid-January 2016! It’s an exciting chance to push my boundaries in the tech world, make lasting connections and forge a different path next year. The final goal is that all-important juior dev position - by the end of 2016.

Another big goal of mine is to start a new tech meetup in Istanbul. There’s a wide-open niche for an ‘Istanbul International Tech Meetup’, where expat and Turkish techies alike can get together and work on projects.

Right now the Istanbul tech meetup scene is dominated by groups full of Turkish guys. I’d feel like I was invading their group and sort of compelling them to speak with me in English.

That probably wouldn’t stop me going, but it would be great to set up a new group where English is the main language.

Watch this space for more in 2016.

Happy new year and success to you all!